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The Advancing Women Pilot brought to you by Women's Work Institute is the next frontier for advancing women at work 


Discover the challenges women on your team are facing and opportunities women on your team see in the powerful female economy. Women's Work Institute will help you quickly understand the opportunities and challenges women on your team face through our data-driven discovery & briefing sessions. 


Design pragmatic value driven solutions that work for women and your business. We will leverage the insights of your team to design solutions that are a perfect fit with your organization's culture & business strategy.


Act quickly, effectively, and pragmatically to build greater equality, effectiveness, profibility. Progress begins at the beginning of our process.  


Evaluate the impact we make together. Evaluation is built into our pilot model. We will evaluate the perceptions of women on your team before, durng, and after the pilot. 


If your organization is committed to equality and looking for the next right data-driven step to take to advance women at work this pilot is for you. 

There are only 10 spots left for the 2018 pilot, secure your spot today. 

The advantage of joining us during our pilot phase is you can access our services at a highly accessible & reduced fee.  

Register your interest by applying below. 

We can address any problem that women face in your workplace. We will leverage behavioural insights & the wisdom of yor team to help you make change

Apply now to become a leader in advancing women. The Women's Work Institute process is informed by behavioural science data on building equality as well as by best practices from the world of design thinking and strategic change. 

Le us help you harness the knowledge, skills, and judgement of your team to quickly design solutions that will help you build greater equality, effectiveness, and profitability today. 

Limited Access 

Only 10 spots left for pilot organizations in 2018

Reduced Cost

All services provided during pilot period are offered at a reduced cost

High value, low risk, big reward

Customized solutions that will benefit your team

Applying to be part of the Advancing Women pilot is simple


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"We are looking for innovative organizations who are determined to make equality a business priority"

Anna Dewar Gully| Founder & Principal, Women's Work Institute

Want to apply for the pilot? There are only 10 spots left for organizations just like yours in 2018.